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  • Open 7/7
  • 9pm - 5am
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Entry conditions

Proper dress required. You can drop off your coats and bags for free. Torn clothing, tracksuits and sportswear, tank tops, bermudas, shorts, flip flops, sandals, safety shoes and workwear, military uniforms and any clothing bearing provocative or propaganda images or slogans are outlawed in the club. The Directorate reserves the right of admission.

Regulated access

In accordance with current regulations, access to the Club Berri is only for people (18 years and 1 day), with the exception of persons whose Interior Ministry has requested the exclusion of playrooms under the conditions provided by decree, and subject to the presentation of an identity document. “Minors, even emancipated, and persons whose Interior Ministry has requested the exclusion of gambling halls, cannot subscribe to the service for free” (Article 57 of the Ministerial Order of 14 May 2007).
Valid identification: passport,ID card or driver’s license.


11 rue de Berri

75008 Paris

Paris, France


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(5 rue de Berri)

Berri Champs-Elysées Car Park
(6 rue de Berri)

Open 24 hours a day.


Geroges V
Line 1

Line 9

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