blackjack parisian style
Poker 21

Poker 21

Win up to 150 times your bet with the "Pok" bonus

The origins of the

Poker 21

Poker 21, is a French game that dates back to the 19th century and is nicknamed the “Black Jack Parisian Style”.

Poker 21 is a variant of the Black Jack with a bit of Poker. Poker 21 can bring together up to 7 players at the table and is played with 6 decks of 52 cards. The player must manage to get a total of 21 points,or get as close as possible to it and without exceeding it. A seated player can bet on several squares if he wants to if seats are available at the table.

In Poker 21, cards are worth all their face value with the exception of figures that are worth 10 points. The Ace is worth 1 or 11 to choose from.

Minimum bet


The Berri Club has 2 Poker Tables 21

  • How the game unfolds

    Double bets

    In order to play, each sitting player bets on the “POK” box and then bets on the “21” box. Players’ bets, only represented by chips or plates, are exposed, within the minimum and maximum limits, before the cards are dealt. The minimum wager is set by the responsible manager at the beginning of each session is displayed.

    The maximum “POK” bets are set at the opening of each table by I responsible manager within the limit of 10 times the minimum of bets. It’s displayed. The maximum bets “21” are set at the opening of each table by the responsible manager at 20, 50, 100 or 200 times the minimum of bets. It’s displayed. The maximum bets can be changed during the session within the maximums set in this article. It’s displayed.

    The maximum number of bets is per hand and may be exceeded in the case of a seated player, who holds several hands under the conditions of article 12. The player can no longer draw cards once he has reached a total of 21.

    The Double Bet

    A player with his first two cards can double his “21” bet. He will then only be able to draw one additional card.

    The separation of hands

    A player can split his hand if his first two cards are of the same value. He commits a “21” bet equal to his initial “21” bet. The player then has two hands and two bets.

    The player stays, shoots and plays in simple playing conditions starting by playing on the hand most to his right before moving on to the next one. The number of separations for the same player is limited to three.

    If the player separates a pair of aces, he will only be able to draw one additional card for each Ace.

    If the player separates a pair of aces or a pair of cards each worth 10 points and totals 21 points after ti rage of a card, he will not be able to benefit from the bonus provided in Article 15 awarded to the player who achieved the score of 21 points with two cards on a card only hand.

    Dealer’s hand

    When the distribution of the players’ cards is over and all players have determined the situation of their hands, the dealer draws one or more cards for himself.

    • If the dealer reaches 17 points or more, he cannot draw additional cards.
    • If he has 16 points or less, he is required to draw other cards until his total points reach 17 or more.
    • When he has an Ace among his cards, he must count it for 11 points if with that value he reaches 17 or more.

    Red card

    When the red stop card comes out, the dealer finishes the shot, then separates the heel into two parts. He places each part of the heel in two different places in the pile of burnt cards, mixes all the cards and resumes play.

    “21” Winning Bets and Winning Bets

    The dealer, after determining and announcing the scores, collects the losing “21” bets and makes the payment of the winning “21” bets in the expected order, from right to left.

    • The dealer pays 1 for 1 players who have at least one point higher than his.
    • The dealer pays 1 for 1 players if his hand exceeds 21 points.
    • In the event of a tie, the bets are returned.

    The dealer pays 3 for 2 if a player totals 21 points with his first two cards.

    If the dealer’s hand totals 21 points with his first two cards, the dealer picks up all bets except those of players who total 21 points with their first two cards.

    The dealer removes the cards at once at the end of the payments and places them face down on the receptacle of the burned cards. The dealer burns his last.

    “POK” Winning Bets and Winning Bets

    After paying the “21” bets, the dealer completes his game, if necessary, up to 5 cards. If the dealer has more than 5 cards, the excess cards will be burned. He then pays the players according to the “Poker 21” schedule.

    Hand (Combination) profit
    A pair (Valets or better) 1 x the bet "POK"
    Two pairs 2 x the bet "POK"
    Set 3 x the bet "POK"
    coughing fit 4 x the bet "POK"
    color 5 x the bet "POK"
    Full house or Full boat 7 x the bet "POK"
    Four of a kind 20 x the bet "POK"
    Straight Flush 50 x the bet "POK"
    Five cards 70 x the bet "POK"
    Royal Flush 100 x the bet "POK"
    Five Flush 150 x the bet "POK"

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