Will you bet on the bank?
Try your hand at the Punto game

Will you bet on the bank?


The game derived from the "Chemin de fer" and Baccarat
Will you bet on the bank?

What is

The Punto Banco?

The goal of the game is to predict which will be the winning hand:
Punto, Banco or Tie.

Punto Banco is a simple game whose rules are inspired by Baccarat. Played with 6 decks of 52 cards,it can gather up to 7 players around a semicircle felt. Players must bet on the outcome of a confrontation between the “Ponte” (Punto),a virtual opponent, and the Bank (Banco) represented by the dealer and/or a tie. Each card keeps its face value except the 10 and the figures that are worth 0.

The winner is the one whose cards show a total value closest to 9 with a maximum of three cards.

Minimum bet


The Berri Club has 2 Punto Banco tables

  • Start of the game

    For the game to start, the player must place his bet on one of three possible options:

    banco” indicates that he bets with the bank, “punto” indicates that he plays for the “ponte” so against the bank and “tie” means that he bets that the games of the bank and the “ponte” will be of the same value.

    Before the game starts, the dealer draws a card and flips it over. The value of the card (figures with a value of 10 for this operation) indicates the number of cards that will be “burned” before starting the game.

    The dealer then shuffles a card, face down, on the “punto” location and then one on the “banco” location. He deals a second one on each spot. Once the cards are dealt, they are returned to count their total value.

    Case 1

    If Punto or Banco are worth 8 or 9, the deal of cards stops. No additional draws will be held for these two combinations.

    The dealer then compares the two games placed in front of him:

    • Punto has the highest figure, Punto wins
    • Banco has the highest figure, Banco wins
    • Punto and Banco have the same figure: tie

    Case 2

    If neither the Punto nor the Banco show an 8 or a 9, punto then receives a third card if the total of his game is between 0 and 5. With a total of 6 or 7, Punto does not draw a third card.

    Banco then receives a third card based on his own game and the Punto game.

    The cases are as follows

    • Banco displays a total of 7, it does not draw a third card (it is said that Banco stays).
    • Banco displays a total of between 0 and 2, he automatically draws a third card.
    • Banco has a total of between 3 and 6 and if Punto has drawn a third card, the rules are as follows.

    The dealer must draw if the third card given to Punto is:

    Point at the Ponte
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 no
    Point to the bank 3 h h h h h h h h S h h
    4 S S h h h h h h S S h
    5 S S S S h h h h S S h
    6 S S S S S S h h S S S

    H=Hit | S=Stays

    Case 3

    If Banco has a total between 3 and 6 and Punto has not drawn a third card, Banco then draws a third card only if the value of his hand is between 3 and 5.

    When all the cards have been dealt, the values of the Punto and Banco games are compared.

    The highest score wins and 3 scenarios are possible: Punto wins, Banco wins or tie (see table).

    Payment system

    Punto wins 1 for 1
    Banco wins 19 for 20 (95% of the bet)
    Tie 8 for 1

    Cards value

    2 to 9 Numerical value
    10 and figures 0
    ace 1

    When the addition of the cards exceeds 10 points you no longer count the dozens
    (example: 7+7 = 14)

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